Saving Bakers Time So They Can Make More Dough

Built For Bakers, By Bakers.

My Custom Bakes is the easiest all in one suite designed to simplify and streamline your cottage bakery business.
Market, Manage, and Monetize your custom orders all within one simple platform—without any of the hassle.

You’re a baker, not a broker.

It’s clear that one of the greatest hurdles for taking on custom orders is maintaining clear and open communication with the client in a way that doesn’t suck up all your time and energy. 

Trying to extract all the details of a custom design can often take hours on end through email, texts, phone, and DMs across multiple social media platforms. 

And even after all of that back and forth, you still get ghosted.

Not all the time, but enough for it to sting. 

Enough for it to be frustrating. 

Enough for it to be an issue. 

Because the time spent trying to deal with clients who may or may not make an order is time wasted and money lost.

And if you want to make cottage baking your livelihood (or a side hustle), you have to figure out how to minimize your time spent on logistics and maximize time spend actually fulfilling new orders. The answer *should* be to get more organized, and it is… 

… but all the softwares you need to streamline your cottage baking business makes everything so much more complicated.

  • Website & Form Builders
  • Ecommerce Tool for Quotes & Orders
  • Accounting & Finance Software
  • Email Marketing 

On top of paying for all of these softwares you need to learn how to use them, make sure all of the pieces are connected properly, AND you still need to keep up with your social media presence and content creation that’s expected of businesses nowadays.

Is this not absolutely exhausting? 

If you had the desire to build businesses from the ground up, you would…

…but that’s not what you’re passionate about, is it? 

You don’t care about being recognized as this mega entrepreneur who builds company after company—you just want to bake. 

You want to make a living doing what you love and bringing joy to your customers through cookies, cakes, and confections. 

You want to stay organized but you also want to simplify the business building so it’s no longer an issue—My Custom Bakes helps you do that.

Here’s what bakers have to say about MCB:

Meet: Sarah Bakes

“My obsession for decorated cookies has blossomed over the past few years after making cookies for the first time at a bakery that I was a cake decorator at. When that bakery closed, I decided to start my own cottage cookie business and it quickly became my full time job. Last year my husband and I moved to Virginia Beach, VA as he was stationed there. Being a military spouse, my life is crazy with so many unknown dates and schedules. When I began to use My Custom Bakes, I felt a huge sense of relief as it helped me keep everything with my business organized and I know the dates I have orders at all times. I love that my customers can check my schedule and I can control what dates I have available. Having all my business information (flavors, pricing, ordering process, etc.) in one spot has made my life easier, as well as the ordering process for customers!!”

Meet: Tameka AKA “Mama J”

“Baking has been a passion of mine since I was a child. My cake decorating journey began in 2001 when I was preparing for my own wedding cake. I had so much fun preparing it that (I) thought about quitting my job to be a baker full-time, but I decided to stay with the steady job. After March 17, 2020, I finally listened to my kids and started an Instagram account for my cakes. The business took off from there! With it being a business, I wanted it to look as professional as possible. I started with Google Forms for ordering, but it didn’t exactly fit my needs. I saw an IG story from a fellow baker who said MCB was about to open up. I tried it…best decision EVER!!! I absolutely love the workflow and having a single platform for quotes, orders, and communications. My customers really like it too! I’m so glad to be in on this phase, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

Meet: Jessica

“I have been using My Custom Bakes since its beginning (and was a tester). Once the site went live was when I really got to see the benefits! I have tried all the forms and different ways to collect orders. It was always so stressful thinking I’d miss an order or a detail on the order. With MCB all of my interactions with the client are in one spot. The order is automatically added to a calendar. I don’t have to follow up with customers about a remaining balance (automatic email from MCB does that for me). My first month using MCB to fulfill orders was so amazing and it was the least stressed I have ever been. I feel like I have gained more time because I’m spending less time searching through messages trying to confirm every detail for the order. I love the platform. Lisa and Brian go above and beyond in customer service and are continuously looking for ways to improve the platform. Couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

From Sign Up To First Sale: Business Building Made Easy

MCB is an all-in-one web application designed to help cottage bakers simplify marketing, managing, and monetizing their custom orders.

All of your client communications, quotes, order details, presales, availability, and events are streamlined and accessible from within the dashboard. This will help better manage your business without all the headache that comes with setting it up.

And the best part? It’s CRAZY easy to use.

Here’s how simple it is to build your own My Custom Bakes site:

  1. Create Your New Account—Follow the directions in the setup wizard to set up your account, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Build Your Custom Shop—Customize the shop with your logo, banner, and gallery.
  3. Set Availability & List Your Products—Set parameters around your schedule and populate the site with all of your products.
  4. Share Your Unique Shop Link— Start marketing the shop to your audience.
  5. Make Your First Sale—This typically happens within the first 24 hours!