Release Notes 17-June-2022

We're pushing out a big release today with the following changes: New Features & Enhancements: Ability to issue refunds Ability to request additional payment A link to the Shop’s terms & conditions in the footer of the customer’s quote and order status screens...

Presale Module Release & Enhancements

Our Presale Module just launched, which means the next time you log in to your dashboard (or refresh your page, maybe log out and back in), the Presale area will be available. YAY! Setting up a presale is very simple. Essentially, you create a Presale ‘event’ (click...

Introducing: My Custom Bakes

Hi there! Lisa here, owner of Borderlands Bakery. In my ten years of cookie decorating, I spent 5 of them taking on custom orders for decorated sugar cookies and french macarons. Having lived that custom-order life and after talking with thousands of other bakers, we...

Announcements, Known Issues & Monetization 06-Apr-2023

Apr 6, 2023 | 13 comments

Hi everyone! Thanks for sticking with us the past few months as things have shifted and we had to find our footing. The great news is we’re able to continue moving forward.
First, here’s an important announcement if you use Square as your payment processor:
  • Square is no longer refunding processing fees to customers beginning April 11, 2023. If you provide a full refund, processing fees will now come out of your pocket. Make sure to update your terms and conditions if applicable. For more information, visit:,the%20payment%20are%20not%20refunded.
Known bugs that we’ll address in a future update:
  • Ensure that there is no SPACE at the end of your presale title. This will cause your product links to break
  • Don’t put any punctuation marks at the end of your presale title. It messes with in-app browsers (like Instagram and Facebook)
  • If you find that your payments are glitchy and being stuck in processing (spinning), the most likely issue here is that there’s an error in the billing address, credit card number, zip or CVV – please ask your clients to disable autofill and input their info manually, double checking the info is correct. We can see from our logs on the backend what the exact issue is, and we’ll be putting a fix in place to address this.
  • If you have over 150 product listings, you may experience slowed performance. This is a resource scaling issue. This limitation will be removed once we monetize (keep reading). For now, since you can’t delete products, delete what products haven’t sold, repurpose listings OR make a second shop with another email address (sorry, we know this sucks)
  • Starting June 15, 2023, we’ll be charging $10/month for PRO users. See the comparison table for our feature list and what’s included in the FREE vs PRO plan.
  • We want to give people who sell smaller quantities a FREE option. The abbreviated feature list for FREE accounts is strategic. Most of the resources go into processing and storage.
  • If you’re NOT going PRO, you’ll have until July 15, 2023 to grab all your data if you need it, otherwise, we are going to delete all your orders and products over 15 months old (this helps free up resources)
  • If you decide to go PRO, you can manage your subscription in the account settings.
  • You get a discount for paying upfront for the year: 1 month free (no refunds)
  • This allows us to start recouping a bit of the investment we’ve put into the app since starting development in 2019, the 1.5+ years of free use of MCB plus the current/future development & maintenance of the tool moving forward
  • PRO users will continue to get new features & enhancements that YOU request 🙂

I welcome your comments & quandaries! Drop ‘em below in the comments.


  1. Rae Yamane

    If I go pro will I need to do anything? Will all my orders, client facing etc just stay as is?

    • lisa

      You don’t need to do anything. You’ll be able to manage your subscription via your account settings, everything stays the same and you have all records.

      • Hillary

        Hi, I just started selling cookies in January. I’m still really small. Your website is amazing. Thank you for offering this to us for free. The pro option is super reasonable too. At this point I think the free option will continue to work for me. My question is at this time several pictures are aloud for the product, will all pictures be deleted but one? Do I need to do something to prepare my site for a change? Thanks for your help!!

        • lisa

          Yes, all photos will be removed except for the main photo. I would prepare your site by making sure you main product photos are adequate, and that if you have anything over 15 months old from a product or order perspective and you need that for some reason, use the save as PDF function in your browser to save copies. We chose 15 months so people have a full year of history just in case they need documentation for something 🙂
          (get smart: you can link stuff in your product descriptions and stuff, so if you need to include more work samples…. utilize that info 😉 hehe ) Hope this helps!

  2. Aileen Mares

    I would love the ability to schedule cookie decorating classes through the website and maybe to be able to personalize the page more.
    I do like the custom URL and reporting a lot and instant chat has been helpful.

    • lisa

      We have an events option – under the availability calendar, you can add Events. > Make Class Products, then add them to a presale. Then link your presale to your Event 🙂
      Are you a part of our FB group? We have some example of people selling class tickets through MCB!

  3. Emily Howard

    I don’t see an option to pay. Has that been activated yet? Thank you and Happy Easter.

    • lisa

      It will be in your account settings as an option starting June 1st 🙂
      Thank YOU.

  4. Dana

    If we go pro can we still accept payment through Venmo? Or do we have to switch to payments through Square?

    • lisa

      Nothing changes if you go pro. You can use any payment processor you like.

  5. Tanya Kollar

    Awesome site!
    I am saving this for the time I am ready to start my business !

  6. Meghan Smith

    Hi! I am wanting to switch to a PRO account (once it’s released) — is there anything I should be doing to set that up ahead of time? I just want to make sure that once June 1st rolls around I’m ready to go and don’t risk losing any info/photos/history that I already have on MCB. Excited to use this platform to it’s full potential and have LOVED the ease of use during presales! (My customers have loved it as well — feedback has been that it was very easy to navigate and place orders.)

    • lisa

      Hi Meghan, thanks for your question. You’ll get to keep everything exactly as is, and come June 1 under Account Settings, you’ll see the option to upgrade. You won’t lose anything at all (plus, we’re giving everyone till July 1 to grab their data) There will be no difference to you or your clients when this happens 😉 THANK YOU for your support!!


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