Here’s what you can expect when using My Custom Bakes:

  • House all the critical information about your business in one place without building and managing a website from scratch, (and without depending strictly on social media platforms.)
  • Improve your clients’ shopping experience by providing samples of your work, product offerings, pricing, and availability up front.
  • Streamline client communications with customizable order forms, a chat function, and audit trail that includes all order details.
  • We’re created our product order form templates to ensure that all the critical details for specific treats are captured so that you have all the information you need in as little steps as possible to provide an accurate quote. In case our templates don’t fit your needs exactly, they can be modified or you can create your own from scratch.
  • Additionally, asking for detailed information from clients at the beginning of the ordering process weeds out clients who are not serious about making a purchase.
  • See your workload at-a-glance in your Dashboard.
  • Manage your availability so that you don’t accidentally overbook.
  • Consolidate all your client communications, including inspiration photos & files: no more digging for DMs, FB messages, texts.
  • Send quotes with ease and accept deposits/final payment via Square (and soon, PayPal), but you can always use any other payment processor you like and track it using MCB

From Sign Up To First Sale: The 5 Simple Steps To Building A MCB Site

Yes, it really is that easy.
Check it out:

1. Create Your New Account—Follow the directions in the setup wizard to set up your account.

This stage is where you’re going to configure all of your business info and lay the foundation.

Here’s the info you’ll need:

  1. Shop Name
  2. Location
  3. Your Availability
  4. Your Fulfillment Process
  5. Your Payment Methods
  6. Terms & Conditions
  7. Taxes
  8. Link Settings

2. Build Your Custom Shop—Customize your shop with your logo, banner, and gallery.
This is the fun part where you get to build a simple yet fully functioning site without having to actually work for hours in an editor.

All you have to do is drag and drop your images into the Shop Appearance tab and voila, your shop is ready for the next steps.

3. Set Your Availability & List Your Products—Set parameters around your schedule and populate the site with all of your products.
This is where the organization starts to really help save you time.

You no longer have to go back and forth with clients on the types of bakes you offer or the dates you have available, it’s automated now—which is exciting!

Having an automated system like this actually drops your ghosting rate.

4. Share Your Unique Shop Link With Everyone—Start marketing the shop to your audience.
The shop is set up, your schedule is uploaded, and your products are all laid out for everyone to see.

Now it’s time to share your site with the world.

You can either integrate your MCB into your old site or you can send people directly to the shop with your custom URL.

With the site live, you don’t have to spend your time answering DMs and emails, you can spend all that time focusing on your next bake.

5. Make Your First Sale—This is where you should start celebrating!
In the same way it’s easy to put together, it’s easy to make a sale.

It’s typical for users to get their first sale within 24 hours of launching their shop and that’s something we pride ourselves on.

People like when things are made simple which is why we put so much work into both the building and buying process.

Simple sales: that’s what we’re all about.

See? It’s THAT easy to consolidate your digital presence, simplify your order intakes, and get more done in less time.

*Get Started With Your Own MCB Site Today*

(it’s free and only takes 10 minutes from start to finish!)