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Deleting Products

MCB now allows you to delete products attached to orders/quotes.

Keep in mind that when you delete a product that is attached to a quote/order, that quote/order will be archived and locked. You will not be able to edit the locked quote/order, use the chat feature, mark payments, or change the quote/order status.

Here are some tips to use when deleting products.

Dos & don’ts for deleting product

Deleting products Don’ts:

Don’t delete products that are in a live presale.

Don’t delete products you want to use again later (there is no way to bring deleted products back).

Don’t delete products that are “listed” in your shop.

Don’t delete products in any incomplete, unpaid, still processing orders.

Don’t delete products in any new/pending quote.

Don’t delete a product when still communicating with the client on an order or quote that used the product.

Don’t delete a product on a partially paid or unpaid order.

Don’t delete a product if you might want to use the name in the future, or if it’s a template name.


Deleting product Dos:

Do change a product’s name if you want to be able to reuse the name on a new product in the future before deleting (recommended to add the date range of the product’s time in shop, ie “1 dz pumpkin spice drop cookies Fall 2023”. Don’t forget to save the product before deleting!)

Do mark orders/quotes as completed or canceled, and handle payment before deleting a product used in them.

Do make sure to complete all communication via the chat regarding an order or quote necessary before deleting the product.

Do remove unordered products from a presale before deleting.

Do delete old products that haven’t been listed or used in over 6 months.

Do delete products that are only in old presales and old/completed orders/quotes.

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