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How to Block Your Availability

MCB allows you to customize your schedule in a few different ways.

You can limit how soon a customer can order by setting up your lead time (via Business settings). You can limit how far in advance a customer can order by setting up your future availability. Your leads time always OVERRIDES your Schedule’s block dates, so double check both if you’re seeing things blocked that aren’t supposed to be. You can also block full dates, future vacation days, or holidays that you may not want a customer to be able to select for their event date.

Let’s review how to block dates on your calendar via the Schedule.

Navigate to your Schedule tab in your Dashboard, and click on the Availability button in the top right corner of your screen (on your handheld device, the button may be relocated to the bottom of your page). Select Block Dates to bring up a box to fill in the dates.

If you want to block a single day, you would choose the same date for the start and end. For example, if you want to close 2/17/2024, the start and end date will be 2/17/2024. If you want to block a date range, you would choose the start date and the end date. For example, if you want to close 3/1/2024-3/5/2024, the start date is 3/1/2024 and the end date 3/5/2024. Select save. All dates in between will automatically be blocked, including the start and end dates.

You can confirm the dates on the calendar have been blocked by the scheduler when you see the blocked symbol in the top right corner of the day.

If your customer calendar is showing blocked dates but your dashboard calendar is not showing blocked dates, you may need to adjust your lead time or future availability. Check out the troubleshooting video on our YouTube Page.



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