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How to Configure Non-Square Payments

My Custom Bakes uses Square as our main payment processing service, and we also support the ability to collect payments outside of Square. We recently released an update where you are able to configure the specific payment details/instructions for non-Square payments.

First, if you’re accepting non-Square payments of any kind, please take a few minutes to set up your Payment Instructions.

Navigate to your Business settings in your Dashboard, and click on the Cash/Other option under Payment Methods to bring up a dialogue screen. You’ll want to configure your Cash/Other payments here.

You can set as many payment types as you want and the important part here is to be clear about how to make these payments. Once you configure these instructions, your client will automatically see them as a part of the Quotes and Ordering processes.

Quotes, Orders and Presales order screens all have additional filters now that allow you to display whether or not non-Square payments have an outstanding payment request or payment confirmation. This update also resulted in additional Email notifications for payment requests & statuses. If you don’t want to be notified of all these things, you can control your settings in Settings > Account > Email Alert Settings section of your Dashboard.

If you DO NOT have your payment instructions configured, no worries, we have processes in place to guide you through it, but it’s more work for both you and your client, so here’s what will happen:

  • Client requests a Quote > Baker updates and sends the Quote to the Client for approval > Client requests payment instructions from Baker > Quote status is left as “Pending” and there will be a flag in your Quote that says “Payment instructions requested”
  • Same thing if it’s a Direct checkout, Fixed priced item that becomes an Order immediately (skipping Quotes)
  • Baker sends a Chat message to the client with payment instructions > Client pays > Optional: Client may request a payment receipt
  • Baker confirms payment received in Quote or Order

We hope this helps make your lives easier when it comes to accepting non-Square payments. Please join our FB group to see how other people are using MCB and to get community support, and if you have additional questions or comments, please reach out to us: – Thank you!

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