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Overview: Direct Checkout

We’ve just released new functionality for My Custom Bakes: Direct Checkout. This post gives you an overview of this feature.

If you’re new here, please make sure you go through the Overview video/post.

Originally, My Custom Bakes (MCB) was intended to handle *only* custom orders. However, based on your feedback over the last few weeks, there’s a desire to use MCB to cover all types of orders including in-stock items and presales. Direct Checkout gets us one step closer to allowing MCB to replace your existing ecommerce solution for your cottage food operation.

What Direct Checkout means:

  • Products with the feature enabled will skip the quoting process, allowing your client to pay immediately at checkout. This means you will not get a “quote” for direct checkout items; instead, these will immediately become “orders”
  • If your client tries to order both custom products (quote required) *and* Direct Checkout products, they will be directed to the quoting process: I suggest you train your clients to place separate orders for custom (quote required) products vs. Direct Checkout products
  • You can only enable Direct Checkout for fixed-price products
  • You are still accountable for following up with your client with details about the pickup address and exact time frame (and payment if they have selected cash/other for their payment method)
  • Until we have a formal presale module created, please keep an eye on your lead time when using Direct Checkout to manage presales: if your presale pickup date(s) fall within your lead time requirement, the client won’t be able to select that pickup date during their checkout process

Watch this video to learn how to enable Direct Checkout, how I’d set it up for Presales, and how it works on the Client Side:

Again, overview video HERE if you’re not familiar with the software.

Questions/Comments? Drop a comment below or email us:

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