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Overview: Getting Started

Welcome to My Custom Bakes! Our tool helps you:

  • Create your online presence via a website
  • Showcase your work
  • Sell your products
  • Manage your availability
  • Manage your quotes/orders/fulfillment & events (presales, classes, pop-ups, etc.)
  • Consolidate communications with clients

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and configure your shop settings. Many of our bakers can set up their shop and get their first sale within a day.  If you ever need help, our Facebook community is here for you. This blog post provides and overview of the tool to get you started. I’m walking you through what the process looks like on a desktop, but if you’re using a mobile device, please note that the button placement may be a little different to fit your screen.

Creating an Account: 

To sign up for a My Custom Bakes account, navigate to the sign up page: You’ll be taken to a page to enter your sign up info. Your USERNAME will appear in your custom URL like:, so pick one accordingly. When you log in for the first time, we’ll take you through a quick set-up wizard to gather basic info about your business. Don’t worry: your answers can be updated at any time in your account settings. Once you’re done with this step, you’ll be taken to you Dashboard.  Don’t know how to view your URL? See THIS POST. If you’d like to integrate MCB into your existing website, you can read more about that HERE. Globally, we’ve built in many “?” icons throughout the app- click on them to get more info about a certain field.


This is the page you’ll see when you log in. Your dashboard contains all your back-end settings.

Configure > Business

This area contains your global business settings such as basic business info. payment methods, fulfillment options, order settings (quote response time, lead time, etc.), terms & conditions, taxes and links to your other online presence. Always make sure to update templated verbiage so that it applies to you.

Configure > Appearance

Use this area to customize the look of your shop: logo, banner, gallery and homepage carousel if desired.

Configure > Products

Create or edit your products on this page. This is a form builder tool: you can create a product from scratch, start with a template or copy one of your existing products, using a myriad of parameters. Take your time and get to know all the powerful parameters of creating a product. Don’t forget to list your product under “status” when it’s ready, so that it’s visible to clients. People create products in all kinds of ways, and I encourage you to join our FaceBook group to connect with our community and see how other people are using the tool. 

Configure > Presales

Use this option to create preorders/presales, or even flash sales, popups and classes! Read more about our Presale module HERE.  We build in a lot of “help” material in the app, but if you ever want to remind yourself of what these popups guides said, click on the little “?” icon to get tips.

Configure > Schedule

Use this area to manage your availability and events. The first time you land on this page, a pop up help window will appear, providing some basic directions on how to set and manage availability. As you receive Orders and your schedule fills up, visit this page often to reassess and update your availability. REMEMBER: you also have GLOBAL settings under the Business section that relate to your Lead Time and Limit Future availability that override these custom availability options. 

Configure > Image

This area houses all the images used in your shop. After uploading all your images here, you can use them in other areas of your shop such as Appearance > Logo/Banner/Gallery/Carousel.

Manage > Quotes

When you receive a quote, they will appear here, along with the status. Respond to quotes based on the response time you configured in your Business settings.  Stay on top of it to deliver the best service for your clients. You may also manually add Quotes. Quotes only apply to Variable priced Products where you need more information before deciding to provide a final price for the client to review and approve.

Manage > Orders

When a Quote is accepted by both the baker and client, it will become an Order, and show up on your Configure > Schedule as a little delivery truck icon. If you click on the Delivery truck icon on your Schedule calendar, you’ll see how many orders you have due on that day. This can help you decide if you should block your availability for that day so you don’t overbook. You may also add Orders manually. If your customer wants to add more items to their order, currently, you must create a NEW order for them instead of updating an existing. You can sort and filter your Orders using the icons next to the search bar.

Here’s a video walkthrough of how to manually create orders/quotes.

Manage > Chats

You can manage chats with your clients here. This is a great place to coordinate fulfillment details when applicable, get clarification on certain order related things, etc.

Settings > Account

This area manages your basic log-in information and email alert settings, in case you want to turn any notification on or off. You may also make your shop private in case you need a break. Visit these following shops for how some inspo!


If you have any questions or comments, drop us a note:  And don’t forget to join our FaceBook Group: . You may also watch some tutorials on Youtube:

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