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What Order Statuses Mean

When you view an Order in My Custom Bakes, you’ll notice that you have a few statuses to choose from. This blog post describes how the statuses work today (they will be refined in the coming months).

  • In Progress: pretty straightforward, the order has been placed and is in progress. You’ll get an email confirmation as a baker if you’ve allowed in in your Settings, and your client will also receive a confirmation email.
  • Ready for Delivery: this is an internal status for users, and customers are NOT notified when you move Orders into this status. Many of our bakers prep or bake in advance, and sometimes will freeze product for their clients. This status is a “intermediate” placeholder for you to know what orders are complete, but not yet picked up or delivered.
  • Out for Delivery: this status indicates that your order is in the process of being delivered or picked up – clients DO get a notification in their email letting them know that their order is ready (for whatever fulfillment method you chose, whether it be pickup, delivery or shipping)
  • Complete: when your client has their product in hand, mark the order as Complete – your clients will receive a generic thank-you email

Technically, there is a 6th “status”- if you decide to ‘archive’ your order to get it out of your line of site from your Orders or Quotes lists. You can do this today by clicking the “Archive Order” button underneath the Open History button.

We hope this helps provide some guidance around how to use Order statuses.

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