A Beginner’s Guide to Applying for a Cottage Food Permit

You've been whipping up delicious treats in your kitchen, and your friends, family and co-workers have started to see you as "the baker" in your group...and now you're ready to take your passion for baking to the next level by selling your goodies. But hold on, before...

How to prep for Free/Pro Tier Changes

In March, we announced some big changes that will be happening to the tier structures as early as 4/2 (  While we have passed that date, we are almost ready to drop this update (we’re still...

Subscription Change Announcement March 15 2024

Friends, we’ve taken a hard look at our metrics and have decided to significantly scale back the free tier of MCB beginning April 2, 2024. (We first announced our intent Feb 12, 2024). Since introducing our memberships, our FREE user base has doubled, making it...

Known Issues List

Last Updated January 31, 2024 As with any software product, there's a lot that goes on in the background, and updates are constantly being made to maintain and enhance the product. Many of these changes are invisible to the average user. It's inevitable (and expected)...

Announcements, Known Issues & Monetization updated 13 Oct 2023

We’re upgrading MCB on Oct. 12, 2023 from 11:59pm PST to 6am PST Oct. 13, 2023! (You can log in starting on Oct 13 6am PST to pay for your subscription) Expect a 4-6 hour downtime as we run this huge update which will allow us to monetize our platform. Here’s what you...

Release Notes 17-June-2022

We're pushing out a big release today with the following changes: New Features & Enhancements: Ability to issue refunds Ability to request additional payment A link to the Shop’s terms & conditions in the footer of the customer’s quote and order status screens...

Understanding Quote and Order Workflows

In this post, we'll discuss how Quotes and Orders work in My Custom Bakes. If you have a Product in your shop that's Variable in pricing and a client adds that to their cart, they trigger our Quote workflow.  To summarize, Variable priced products are products that do...

Presale Module Release & Enhancements

Our Presale Module just launched, which means the next time you log in to your dashboard (or refresh your page, maybe log out and back in), the Presale area will be available. YAY! Setting up a presale is very simple. Essentially, you create a Presale ‘event’ (click...

Introducing: My Custom Bakes

Hi there! Lisa here, owner of Borderlands Bakery. In my ten years of cookie decorating, I spent 5 of them taking on custom orders for decorated sugar cookies and french macarons. Having lived that custom-order life and after talking with thousands of other bakers, we...

Release Notes 24-April 2024

Apr 24, 2024 | 2 comments

We just recently pushed a large update with the following:

  • Ability to delete Products (this action slocks quotes, orders, chats). More info HERE.
  • Presale reporting update: separate gross vs. collected revenue
  • Ability to hide presale location pickups
  • Free Tier limitations updated (announcement HERE)

The following bugs were fix:

  • Multi image upload now works again for PRO users
  • Signing up for PRO should no longer result in multiple charges
  • bug fixes across app, minor front end updates and maintenance /development updates


  1. Katelyn

    My customers are still having trouble paying through the website.

    • lisa

      If you’ve already done the disconnect/reconnect, then you can email for more help.
      We’ve been working with Square on the issue and they literally take WEEKS to get back to us for any single communication. We’re also exploring other payment processors, because this is also ridiculous for us to deal with- we don’t partner with square, we don’t have any kind of relationship with them, we don’t get a cut of anyone’s earnings and they take all the fees. We’re doing our best here trying to resolve this 🙂


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